Ryan's Techno Tips

When so much is done online, do you find it tricky to keep up? Whether it's applying for a job, having no local branch of your bank, or finding the best price for your Christmas presents - we're all having to rely more on the internet.

Computers allow us to connect to our friends, learn a skill and shop without even leaving our houses. But can it feel overwhelming or a bit daunting?

That tiny photo capture button is so fiddly, isn't it? Here's a tip... Open your camera app on an iPhone or Android, then press the volume up button to snap a photo quickly. Say cheese!

I bet you've spotted Steyning's mobile phone signal is a bit... patchy. But did you know that your smartphone might have the solution?

"The computer does work, you just have to first tap it three times, hop on one leg and say the alphabet backwards... in Chinese."

Here's a helpful course run by The Workers' Educational Association (it's online and it's free too!)

If you've been gifted some new tech over Christmas, you might wonder what to do with your old items. Happily, Currys (including the Worthing and Hove stores) have a 'Cash for Trash' scheme where they recycle your unwanted devices and then give you a voucher for at least £5. Marvellous!

It's unsettling to find somebody has made a Facebook account with your photo and details. Luckily, there's a way to report it to Facebook.

A customer in Storrington asked me if I could send her some recommendations for a budget-friendly laptop. I thought I'd share with you the three I picked out for her.

Need a hand with your computer?

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